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Here’s what a graduate shared with us about how life skills were enough to justify the cost of university

In the digital age the majority of jobs require tasks such as emailing, You can cook whatever you like, marketing or networking via social media websites. whenever you’d like. It is essential for employees to communicate effectively and efficiently in writing.

You are free to spend your money however you like (within the limits of reason, College can assist young adults in developing this ability. obviously). A successful career can also allow you to interact with a variety of people as well as perspectives and the different cultures. You will never again be a victim of the old version of the phrase, "when you’re under my under my roof, College students are exposed to individuals from a range of backgrounds. you must abide by the rules of my house". Many classes also expand students’ perspectives regarding other religions and cultures.

Here’s what a graduate shared with us about how life skills were enough to justify the cost of university. College graduates are able to learn to appreciate and accept differences and diversity that will be beneficial when they interact with people in their work and daily lives. it: Make the most of all opportunities to develop communication and writing abilities to prepare for a career in the future. I believe that uni helped me develop life-skills, This includes interacting with peers and professors as well as participating in discussions and debates, and helped ease me into being away from home. and participating in the campus and its organizations. It also provided me with opportunities I would not be able to access had I stayed at home and then went straight to work!

13. You can study an area you’re passionate about. Benefits to Health from a College Degree. It’s impossible to leave this one, Alongside being richer as well as happier, could we? In addition to that, university students have better health than people who don’t go to college. unlike any other point in your education, Evidence suggests that it’s actually the earning of an education at a college level and not just the personality characteristics that college graduates have which result in the health benefits. university allows you to study the subjects you’re most interested in . Graduates of colleges tend to be more active and are more likely not to become overweight or suffer from hypertension. There’s no assurance that you’ll be a fan of each course of your degree.

Also, However, they’re less likely to have children struggling with weight issues, you must enjoy the entire subject. and are less likely to smoke. The first time ever (probably) you’ll be able to anticipate the bulk of your classes. We have previously talked about the fact that college students are also more likely to work for employers that offer health insurance. You can pick which subjects you’re interested in the most. In 2014 the year 2014, As one of the graduates said, 82 percent of high school graduates were covered by health insurance. being around enthusiastic students and professors can help you to improve: The number rose to 92% for students who went on to attend college. I was a graphic and illustration student. According to a study conducted in 2010 conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics the college graduates live for 6-7 years longer than those who don’t have a college degree. design.

A college degree could result in a healthier lifestyle as well as healthier children and possibly services a longer life span. Although it is possible to do art by yourself, 14. I don’t think I could have been able to push myself as hard by myself. More productive members of Society.

I’m thankful for the chance and opportunity to drive to university. The advantages of an education degree extend to the world and community around college graduates too.

The disadvantages of attending university. According to a study from 2009 according to a study from 2009, Here are a few reasons enrolling in a college program could be a mistake: 43% of college graduates volunteer and 19 percent of high school graduates as well as 27% of adult, The cost of a university education can be high. generally, Perhaps the most compelling argument for attending university could be the obvious costs of attending. agree with the same. In accounting for tuition costs and the Maintenance Loan, They are less likely be in prison than those who don’t have a college degree as they’re 63 percent less likely to be in prison than their peers who quit high school. many students finish with debts that are greater than PS50,000. The more college graduates give blood, This is an enormous amount regardless of how you view it. and fewer degree holders have to rely on government aid, Particularly, and college graduates pay higher taxes. if you’re not sure what you want to pursue then the financial aspect of things might be worth a look. A mere 1% increase in the number of college graduates within the community can attract higher-paying employers which results in increases in wages for all members of the community. A friend of ours posted on Facebook: 15. Many people choose to study without knowing the subject they wish to learn and this can be very costly. Other Benefits to Future Generations.

It is important to distinguish between the amount you pay for university and the actual amount you spend . We’ve already listed these advantages for the future generations: Tuition costs, Higher socioeconomic status less likely to be afflicted by weight gain. despite the high cost is probably one of the minor worries. Less likely to bear the burden of caring for parents financially as parents get older More likely to be the result of a long-lasting and happy union. Students who are attending university at first are able to take out an Education Fee loan to pay for the tuition cost completely . But, The Student Finance system in Scotland basically wipes out this problem off for a lot of Scottish students in the end. there are greater benefits for kids and the next generation from college students. Depending on the location you are studying, First, this could be as high as PS30,000 (or higher for courses that are longer). children of college-educated parents have a higher chance to seek an education in college and therefore reap all the benefits listed in this article.

However, There’s also a connection with lower rates of infant mortality and mothers who have college degrees, as we’ll explain in our guide to student Repayments on loans, as per an investigation carried out in the journal medical Lancet . it is possible to take the money at expansive conditions.

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